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Through out your entire science carrier you will be using specific scientific equipment.

It is important that you know the names of each piece of equipment and how they are used. We can use the equipment by themselves for an experiment or we can use multiple pieces together, called an apparatus.

Bellow are some of the common scientific equipment you will be using

             Beaker                             Retort Stand, boss head and clamp                   Measuring cylinder

      Bunsen Burner                                        Filter funnel                                       Conical Flask

      Tripod stand                                           Test tube                                           Stirring rod

           Gauze Mat                                      Evaporating Dish                                        Pipette

            Thermometer                              test tube holder                                       Test tube rack

              Metal Tongs                                       Spatula                                              crucible

Once your familiar with the equipment click here for a quick quiz