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Scientific Drawings

Although you may think drawing is easy, there is actually a skill to scientific drawings.

  1. Draw clearly and neatly
  2. Use a sharp grey pencil
  3. Draw equipment from the side
  4. Don’t show any detail, just draw a simple outline
  5. Draw lines using a ruler
  6. Print labels neatly and connect them with a line
  7. Diagrams should only be 6 - 10 cm high.

The image to the right is how you should draw a beaker, tripod, conical flask and gauze mat.

Biological Drawings

Biological drawings are very similar to scientific drawings. However instead of drawing equipment you are drawing cells under the microscope.

When doing a biological drawing use either the whole page or hold the page in half. DO NOT DRAW BORDERS.

Don’t sketch the lines, instead do solid lines, as seen on the left.

When drawing cells under the microscope